Everything that happens around us results from energy. Societies increasingly depend on a higher power consumption in order to survive. Throughout time, several processes of transformation, transportation and storage of energy have been developed. Renewable energies have gained an unmatched dimension and relevance, once they are inexhaustible.

Fomentinvest Energia creates conditions for new projects in the area of renewable energies, also fomenting and developing innovation and technological development through its companies.

Fomentinvest Energia has a unique know-how which puts it, together with its partners, in an unmatched position aiming to take advantage of the opportunities presented in the market of energetic infrastructures worldwide.

This opportunity entails a strategic positioning at a global level, in sectors such as solar photovoltaic, wind, and hydric energy.

Fomentinvest Energia presents a wide investment portfolio in the field of renewable energies, located in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, and Uruguay.