FOMENTINVEST, SGPS, SA is inspired by the opportunities to create value in the new environment and energy markets where it positions itself as leader and pioneer.

It invests as a promoter, financial partner and manager in business development, in the preferred areas of Environment, Energy, Climate Change, Carbon Markets, and Sustainability, conveying through the expertise of its staff standards of quality and performance success, recognised by the growth of the Group companies.

Fomentinvest establishes key partnerships with its stakeholders, national champions and global leaders, in order to achieve a global positioning and a wide recognition;

Fomentinvest’s strategy running is accomplished based on its assets and in a specialized funds portfolio; the accomplishment and maintenance of the global positioning and recognition force to innovation and to the development of technical competences, which are constant along all the fields of actuation.

We are inspired …

  1. By People
  2. By the Environment
  3. By the Future
  4. By the energy
  5. By clean and carbon-free technologies
  6. By biodiversity
  7. By sustainable businesses’ profitability
  8. By innovation
  9. By development